A survey of police officers across the country has revealed their least favourite retort from traffic offenders. Apparently the rhetorical question “Why don’t you go and catch some real criminals?” is not well received. And while the question is tempting to ask when you’re pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, police officers have confirmed that slighting them in this manner is likely to result in a heavier punishment. 

According to one local officer, who requested anonymity, “the last thing we want to hear from you is something like this. Yeah crime is an issue in Melbourne at the moment, but so is your shitty driving. We’re just trying to do our job.”

Greensborough man, Trent Wilkins, recently tried the line after being pulled over for speeding in a quiet residential street. According to Wilkins, “oh man, I was just so pissed off. I was like only a few ks over and then sure enough I see the sirens in the rear view mirror. I mean there’s the Apex Gang, drug use, gun crime, and all that. Surely they could cut me some slack!”