A 37-year-old woman, born and raised in the Diamond Valley, has visited Greensborough Plaza yesterday and stayed for roughly 45 minutes without seeing anyone that she knew. In what she described as “an unprecedented turn of events”, the woman ended up adding 10 minutes to her visit because she just couldn’t believe that there wasn’t anyone there that she knew, not even one of her old primary school teachers, or a former netball opponent from the early 1990s. 

The woman, Clare Wilson, has since admitted that those extra 10 minutes were a sad reflection on her personality, and she needs to be less needy. Wilson said, “I’d like to say it happened because I was in shock, but that would kind of be a lie. The reality is my hair was looking good, my kids were well-dressed and behaving reasonably, so I just wanted to see someone, anyone.”

Following the extra 10 minutes of wandering aimlessly around Level 3, Wilson ushered her kids towards the car park and drove off defeated. Reflecting on the incident this morning, Wilson said “I honestly don’t think it’s ever happened before. Maybe if you just duck into Coles for a couple of things, but never on a full-blown trip around the Plaza with visits to multiple stores. I still can’t believe it.”