An otherwise enjoyable night at The Watsonia RSL on Saturday night was marred by the cover band’s inability to play the song “Jessie’s Girl”. Regarded by many as a cover band staple, the band’s failure to satisfy numerous requests from the audience for Rick Springfield’s iconic song left most punters bewildered and angry. 

One of these punters, Dave Brandon, said “it was a bloody joke mate, what cover band doesn’t know Jessie’s Girl? We made a few requests but they kept making excuses until we realised they didn’t actually know how to play it. We were spewin’!

“After a while it seemed like the whole joint got wind of it and, sure enough, blokes started heckling the band. I’m not gunna lie, I threw a few verbal barbs meself. Eventually they finished up a bit early and got booed off the stage. It was kind of funny in the end. But seriously, they’d better spend this week trying to learn it or they’ll be out of a gig real quick.”