A local man who was too tired to get up, brush his teeth and go to bed, has given serious consideration to setting up permanent residence on his couch. The Watsonia resident, Kevin Grinter, had settled deeply into the groove of his well-worn couch and was warm and toasty under his trusty blanket. 

When Grinter’s wife, Helen, got up and commenced preparations for bed she tried vainly to raise him, saying “C’mon love, it’s time for bed”. Undeterred, Grinter spent a solid five minutes seriously contemplating the long-term ramifications of falling asleep on the couch and spending the night there. 

On the balance of facts, Grinter eventually decided to work through the challenging bed time routine of getting off the couch, brushing his teeth, putting the dog out, and turning all the lights off. Half way through this process he agreed that yes, the struggle is indeed real, and eventually collapsed into his cold bed, exhausted from his brave efforts. 

Speaking of the ordeal this morning, Grinter said “I reckon I almost stayed there, but the only thing stopping me was the fear of that moment when you wake up on the couch in the middle of the night and feel terribly disorientated. I just didn’t want that to happen. It’s really quite scary.”