A dirty rotten eavesdropper sitting on a Hurstbridge Line train for this evening’s peak hour commute has engaged in a lively internal debate about whether to blow their cover and join in a conversation between two complete strangers. After listening intently to the discussion from Westgarth to Eaglemont, the man wrestled with the potential implications of essentially admitting to the entire carriage that he had been creeping on two people he didn’t know. 

The man’s urge to join the conversation was due to some glaring factual inaccuracies being bandied around by the other two people. According to the man, “these two blokes were banging on about the affairs at AFL House, and one of them kept pronouncing Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss incorrectly. It sounded like Simon Leffalean and Richard Simkist, and the longer it went on I just couldn’t handle it!”

Incensed by the incorrect phonics, the dirty rotten eavesdropper broke cover and corrected the man who was pronouncing the names incorrectly. An awkward silence followed, and then the two men who were originally having the discussion continued on in hushed tones and changed the topic, each stealing the occasional glance back at the eavesdropper. The entire mood of the carriage had received irretrievable damage.