Unbeknownst to you, retail workers all over Melbourne are currently lying in their beds trying to work out whether they can turn up to work an hour late this morning and use daylight saving as an excuse. The complex math required to make this calculation will be challenging for many of their hungover brains. 

While using daylight saving as an excuse is a little cliched, it’s still a very relatable explanation for being late to work. But the biggest challenge is making sure you get the day right, otherwise you’ll be left to explain to your boss why daylight saving didn’t cause you to be an hour early to work. 

In another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, we have just gotten off the phone with Tara* who works the Sunday morning shift for a large clothing retailer at Greensborough Plaza. She said, “man, the Sunday morning shift is always a bit of a drainer, especially if I’ve been out with the girls on a Saturday night. I’m quite hungover right now, so I could really do with the extra hour of sleep, and maybe some time to swing past Maccas on my way to Greensy Plaza. But I can just never remember, when daylight saving starts do we lose an hour or gain an hour?” 

We can confirm for Tara, and all you other hungover sales assistants, that this morning is not the morning to use daylight saving as an excuse for being late. Clocks went forward an hour last night, so get out of bed, brush your teeth, and haul your sorry face into that vibrant retail environment. You’re probably already late.

* Tara’s name was changed to protect her from her employer.