Reports have been circulating that Game of Thrones nerds are flocking to the tunnel under the Greensborough Bypass to recreate popular scenes from the award-winning TV show. The tunnel, which connects Watsonia North and Greensborough, is said to have direct parallels with the tunnel that runs under “The Wall” in Game of Thrones

According to local GOT fan, Trent Walters, “The scenes where the members of the Night’s Watch walk through the tunnel to go beyond The Wall are some of the most poignant scenes in the whole series. And going north to Greensborough can be quite similar to going beyond the wall from the relative safety of Watsonia North. So a few of us have been meeting at the tunnel, dressing up in full costume, and recreating some of those scenes. It’s been sick. There’s a real heavy atmosphere in that tunnel at night.”

This GOT connection is not the first time Watsonia has been linked to the hit show, with reports that a bonafide George R. R. Martin, author of the books behind the series, lookalike was regularly seen dining at Cafe 41 before it sadly burnt down. Fans of the show were known to approach the lookalike in the cafe to ask him how the latest instalment of the series was coming along. While the man always told these fans he wasn’t, in fact, George R. R. Martin, that’s exactly the kind of thing a reclusive author would say if he was trying to hide away from the world isn’t it…