As reported by The Watsonia Bugle on Monday, local office worker Cameron Daniels went on record to condemn beloved Cup sweep due to concerns over just how voluntary participation was in such an activity. However, after a storming run from Rekindling in yesterday’s Melbourne Cup, Daniels has been forced to retract these disparaging remarks as he fronted up at the sweep organiser’s desk first thing this morning to collect his winnings. 

According to the sweep organiser, Karen McMaster, she’d read of Daniels’ comments on the Bugle and then chuckled heartily on Tuesday when Rekindling passed the post first yesterday afternoon. She said, “the irony was so sweet. We’d all read what he said on Monday, so it serves him right. And next time my kids have fundraising chocolate I’ll be going straight to his desk. What a jerk.”

While Karen confirmed that Daniels apologised to her for his negativity towards the annual Cup sweep, the man himself has not returned our calls.