Watsonia resident Craig Hammond got home late on Saturday night after seeing a live band at the Croxton and announced to his wife that he had been inspired to start playing his guitar again and would be getting it out tomorrow night for a bit of a fiddle. While these claims were met with scepticism by Mrs Hammond, Craig continued to make his point, before eventually passing out in a pool of his own saliva.

On Sunday morning, Craig rose late and with a decidedly sore head, forgetting many key moments of the night before but not the bold statement of his musical comeback. By late Sunday afternoon, he had ventured out into the garage to literally dust off his old acoustic guitar and was seen in the lounge room clumsily plucking at strings and fumbling through a few chords.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Mrs Hammond said, “This won’t last. He’s done it a few times before. Gets all excited after seeing professional musicians doing their thing on stage and starts thinking he’ll ‘take up’ playing the guitar again. I give this little spurt of enthusiasm about four days. By next weekend the guitar will be in the corner of the lounge room, will stay there for two to three months, eventually be shifted to the spare room for a couple of months, before making it back out to the garage to resume collecting dust and wait for the next burst of inspiration.”