A Watsonia man spotted at the train station this morning was clearly on his way to a boozy work break up at some stage this afternoon such was his attire, lack of accessories, and his cheery disposition. This conclusion was drawn by fellow Watsonian and avid people watcher, Clementine Grant, who is used to seeing the same man in a carefully assembled suit and tie.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Grant said, “I could just tell, it was so obvious. That guy is always so well dressed, even on Fridays, and always has a large briefcase full of stuff. Plus he always looks so serious and stern. But this morning, he was in a polo shirt, jeans, and boat shoes. He had no bag, and there was a real spring in his step. He even smiled at me as I walked past. He’s definitely getting on the piss this arvo.”

December is a hot month for spotting office workers on their way to the annual work break up, and throughout the month Grant has seen many one-time public transport users obviously more accustomed to driving to work. She said, “Last Friday I even spotted some bloke who didn’t even know how the MYKI system worked, he was an absolute novice. But I can guarantee that by 4pm that day he would’ve had a skinful!”