An Eltham man has taken aim at the entire beer industry and claimed that the increasingly popular Furphy beer in nothing more than a “tarted up” version of Geelong Bitter. Callum Jones made the claim in a rambling Facebook post that has since been deleted, and also referred to the current craft beer movement as a “bastardisation of the previously no-nonsense drinking culture handed onto us by our forefathers”.

Furphy seems to have taken Victoria by storm this year, positioned as a beer made by Victorians, from Victorian ingredients, and for Victorians to drink. It even uses the famous “Big V” on it’s label, just in case we weren’t able to identify its full Victorianess.

Recent reports have suggested that the brewers are actually struggling to keep up with demand, as more traditional drinkers see it as a more accessible way to dip their toe into the burgeoning craft beer market. But, in a way, we kind of agree with Jones. At times it does taste like a regular Carlton Draught or Victoria Bitter, just with a fancier label and a cooler back story. But whether it’s a rehashed version of the old Geelong Bitter we may never know…