Plans have been revealed for the design of a limited edition Monopoly board game with a Diamond Valley theme. While the actual format of the board is yet to be confirmed, the news has delighted local residents and multiple suggestions have been forthcoming.

A series of meetings and brainstorming sessions have been held to discuss the final layout of the board, and it has been a lively process. While many elements of the board are no-brainers – e.g. the train stations will be Watsonia, Greensborough, Montmorency and Eltham – many other sections of the board have been open for debate.

Based on many of our recent articles, we’ve listed a number of must-haves below, but also encourage you to provide your feedback. Any board game dedicated to the colourful and vibrant community of the Diamond Valley deserves your input. Have your say!

Community Chest:


Playing pieces:

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