A woman, who was seen juggling multiple items at a local supermarket, has admitted that she wishes she’d gotten a basket when she first walked in. The Greensborough woman, Jodi Daniels, initially thought she was only going to Coles to get a couple of things, but matters quickly escalated and she ended up with at least seven or eight awkwardly shaped items barely in her grasp.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle shortly after her ordeal, Daniels said, “I was just popping in for milk and a couple of other things, but then Doritos were on special, the cinnamon donuts smelt real good, and then I remembered we needed nappies. Nek minnit, my arms were full, and just about every finger and thumb was being used to hold onto something.”

Once Daniels realised she needed a basket it was all too late. She said, “By the time I conceded defeat and admitted I needed a basket, I was right up the back getting the milk. It was way too far to retreat back to the front of the store to look for a basket. I just had to soldier on.”