A former climate change sceptic, coincidentally a federal MP, who recently acknowledged that there may actually be a slow warming of our globe, has pointed to the extinction of dinosaurs as an example that “sometimes climate change has a positive impact on our lives”. In the odd diatribe, delivered at a poorly attended press conference, the man also said that “we should just embrace the fact that the weather is going to be heaps better in the future. It’ll be great for tourism.”

While answering a question not even related to global warming, the man said “well the thing about climate change is that it has an image problem. Everyone just thinks it’s a bad thing. Sometimes extreme changes to our climate can benefit us. Can you remember dinosaurs? Ever seen one walking down the street? Nah, didn’t think so, that’s because the ice age hit and they all bloody carked it.

“Then all of a sudden, cave men didn’t have to spend the majority of their time running away from dinosaurs and avoiding getting eaten. This free time enabled them to invent the wheel, build the automobile, send men to the moon, and make the first ever smashed avocado. So, in that instance, climate change was a good thing.”