A Montmorency corn chip enthusiast has left a local supermarket in dismay after noticing that neither Doritos or CCs were on special. Describing herself as “brand fluid”, Sarah Gillespie normally just grabs whichever brand is on sale, of which there is inevitably at least one, if not two.

However, after a quick visit to the shops yesterday, Gillespie became confused and angry, as no corn chips were on sale, not even the home brands. After double and triple checking the situation, Gillespie then summoned a staff member who confirmed the lack of discounting.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning, Gillespie said, “I just couldn’t believe it! You can normally bank on at least one of them being half price or maybe just 30% off. I realise the world is dealing with slightly heavier problems at the moment, but this is outrageous.”