A Watsonia man trying hard to stick to his diet has been tormented by the seductive smell of hot jam donuts wafting out of a local bakery while he was making his way to the train station this morning. Grant Donaldson has been successfully counting carbs, cutting fat and reducing his sugar intake for almost three whole months, but is now considering taking a different route to Watsonia Station following this morning’s incident.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Donaldson said, “What a nightmare mate! How good is that smell? It was gently wafting across Watsy Road as I was walking to the station and I before I knew it I’d made a U-Turn and was walking into the bakery to buy a couple for the trip into the city. I ate both of them before I even got to Rosanna. I feel bad for caving, but gee wizz it was worth it.”

While he is yet to inform his wife of his early morning purchase, Donaldson insisted that he would later tonight. He said, “She’s been on the diet with me and we’re actually going great guns. I don’t want to confess about the activities of this morning, but I think I will. Maybe after dinner tonight.”