A pair of local parents have unlocked a stunning Bunnings loophole that they are claiming has revolutionised the way they interact with their children. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Macleod couple Sally and Paul Collins have revealed that to avoid cabin fever at home on a miserable winter day they head to Bunnings for a family outing and let their two kids loose on the indoor playground.

Sally said, “You know how it is, especially during school holidays in winter. Cabin fever is a real thing. The kids just go crazy at home, and I’m not willing to brave one of those feral indoor play centres, or the one at Greensy Plaza. So we load the kids into the car, head to the nearest Bunnings, and Bob’s your uncle! There’s normally a café right next door, so me and the hubby can grab a coffee, lock the kids into the playground, and then sit down on one of the outdoor settings and pretend we don’t have kids for half an hour or so.”

Paul is so enamoured with the idea that he’s even starting inviting friends to the Bunnings café for catch ups. He said, “It’s so hard to find a time and venue to meet up with friends these days. Take the kids to a café and they run amok. But Bunnings has it all mate, so we’ve had a few catch ups there now. Our friends were sceptical at first, but now they’re all on board!”