The people of Melbourne are bracing for an influx of weather-related social media posts tomorrow as we’re expected to wake to a sub-zero temperature and be compelled to tell everyone about it. While the mercury dipping below zero is not unheard of during a Melbourne winter, it is rare, and if social media has given us anything over the last decade, it’s a multitude of platforms from which to share boring observations about so-called extreme weather conditions.

Local social media analyst Calvin McGregor is predicting a brief spike in the use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tomorrow morning, commencing at about 6am as people begin to surface to start their day. McGregor said, “Weather extremes are a very bankable phenomenon that almost always trigger a spike in social media use. Gone are the days when you had to wait to get to work to tell everyone what they already know. Now you can instantly share these thoughts, and to a much wider audience. It’s a win win for weather wankers.”

Rather than refraining from making such an observation tomorrow morning, McGregor is actually encouraging people to get involved. He said, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Get involved. If anything, the frantic typing on your phone might warm you up a little bit. Just don’t forget to use the icicle emoji. That thing is cool. Pun intended.”