Watsonia man Doug Timms has made a startling comparison between Facebook and the humble fridge that will change the way you look at the world. Doug says inspiration for the theory came to him earlier this week when he opened his fridge door for the seventh time in less than two hours “just to have a look”. His subsequent expansion of the theory has left social media theologians astounded at the accuracy of his observations.

Allow Doug to explain: “Firstly, the kind of things that you stick on your fridge door are very similar to what you post on your Facebook wall. Photos, invitations to events, recipes, magnets that reflect your hobbies and interests, postcards from friends bragging about holidays, thank you notes, amusing or inspirational quotes, etc.

“Then there’s the interesting juxtaposition of what’s on your fridge door (i.e. things you’re happy for people to see) and what’s actually in your fridge (i.e. last week’s leftover pizza that you’re working your way through, and some unknown organism that has been growing unabated in a Tupperware container for the last two months at the back of the second shelf). This is a useful metaphor for explaining the many Facebook users who portray a certain kind of online lifestyle that contradicts their actual lives.

“As for that common phenomena when you check Facebook just cos you’re bored… bingo bango that’s just like opening your fridge when you’re bored to see if there’s anything worth eating.

“And have you ever over used Facebook after a few beers? You get the point. Facebook is essentially a fridge.”

Doug is currently in negotiations to stage a TED Talk so he can spread the word about his ground-breaking theory. He’s even thinking about getting an actual fridge on stage with him as a clever prop to help illustrate his point. But don’t forget, you heard it first here on The Watsonia Bugle.