A local man has mistaken a tube of Betadine first aid cream for a tube of papaw ointment, leading to an extremely awkward hour or so as he travelled on public transport to work. Chris Taylor made the public error yesterday as he rushed out the door for work, trying hard not to miss his morning train from Watsonia Station.

Taylor didn’t realise his error until almost two hours later, after a quick trip to the bathroom at his inner-city office. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Taylor said, “I looked up at the bathroom mirror and thought, ‘What the hell is that on my mouth?!’ It took me about five minutes to work out what I’d done. I don’t know who started putting their product in a red tube first, but whoever did it second has a sick sense of humour!”

Reflecting on his embarrassing error, Taylor said, “In the morning rush I guess it was an easy mistake to make. I like to put a bit of papaw on me lips in the morning just to keep them nice and smooth, but obviously I accidentally grabbed the Betadine. I must have looked like the Joker from The Dark Knight as I sat through my morning train ride and then greeted everyone in my office. Why nobody told me I’ll never know.”