A local dad has started to run down his household’s entire food supply as he and his family prepare to leave this weekend for a week’s holiday. A source from within the family has revealed that Kenneth Buttler has been closely monitoring both the fridge and the pantry for up to a week now in preparation for this Sunday’s departure.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, the anonymous source said, “He does it every time we go away on holidays. Sometimes he even does it if we’re just going away for the weekend. He turns it into a military operation, and scolds anyone who attempts to spoil the system. We’re currently on milk rations because, shock horror, he doesn’t want to buy any more before Sunday morning.”

The source also claimed that the whole rationing process then again commences once the holiday reaches its final four to five days. They said, “It all starts again. It’s painful to watch. Everything must be eaten before we check out of the hotel. The things I’ve seen him eat for breakfast on the final morning of a holiday give me nausea just thinking about. He just sits there saying ‘waste not, want not’ while he consumes half a bag of baby spinach, half a litre of milk, three Paddle Pops, a quarter tub of margarine, and strawberry jam by the spoonful. It’s gross.”