A Watsonia man has told friends that he’s considering embracing full-blown alcoholism after drinking every day for past two weeks. Cameron Blake made the suggestion earlier today at a mate’s place when they were talking about their festive season and estimated they had bashed out close to 20 consecutive days on the turps.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Blake said, “It’s been pretty big man. I honestly can’t remember me last AFD [Alcohol Free Day], but it was at least two weeks ago, maybe three. My body just seems to have adjusted. I get the shakes around 11am each day, but once I crack a beer all is well again.”

Despite this adaptation, Blake says next week’s return to work will be a challenging experience. He said, “I’m not really sure how it will go. I can’t exactly crack a beer in the office lunch room can I? But I reckon I’ll have a few once I get home. I mean, it’s summer, the Big Bash will be on, I might as well just delve into some proper alcoholism. Summer is the season for drinking. And before you know it, it’ll be Easter, so I need to head into that four-day session with a reasonable amount of piss fitness behind me.”