What started as, at best, a slightly amusing dad joke, has now officially gone too far as the nation braces itself for another round of recycled social media posts and awkward attempts at fandom during tomorrow’s so-called International Star Wars Day. The initial play on words between “May the Fourth” and “may the force be with you” was worthy of a year or two of merriment, but declaring an official day of celebration is jumping the shark.

The day reportedly reached its zenith in 2015 when astronauts on the International Space Station watched the film while in orbit, leaving nerds all over the world in a genuine tizz about how it would feel to watch Star Wars in space. Oh the feels, all of them feels.

In acknowledgement of this occasion, we will be posting a range of Star Wars related articles tomorrow. And, to be totally honest, there will probably be a quick revisit of our favourite YouTube clip of all time: the Many Moods of Chewbacca.