Popular 1990s media personality Agro has reportedly hinted at a comeback tour across Australia to showcase some of his edgier material. While the long-time host of Agro’s Cartoon Connection was seemingly a children’s entertainer back in the 90s, he had a cult-following for what could best be described as adult material.

The self-described “talking bathmat” is said to have spent the last few months sounding out the entertainment industry for a national comedy tour, intending to sell out a number of satellite venues in suburban Australian, such as RSLs and local sporting clubs. It was via one of those attempts that we discovered that Agro was hoping to include our local RSL in his expansive touring schedule.

However, while there has been some interest in his plans, many venue operators are concerned that most of Agro’s preferred material will not sit well in the post-#metoo era, due to the constant sexual innuendo and occasional objectification of his female co-hosts. According to one source within the entertainment industry, “That kind of humour just has no place on the scene in 2019. We live in a vastly different landscape to the prime years of Agro’s career. That kind of stuff just doesn’t wash with modern audiences. Social media would eat the little fella alive.”