A local Essendon supporter claims that he’s enjoying the regular reminders of how many years it’s been since his team last won a final. Watsonia resident Kane Fraser says that the constant reminders from friends on social media are providing welcome statistical evidence of just how low his beloved club has stooped since its halcyon days between 1984 and 2000.

Social media has been alight with memes, parody accounts, and would-be comedians this week as Essendon prepares for tonight’s opportunity to win their first final since September 4, 2004. Estimating that he’s been tagged in at least 30 or 40 different reminders this week alone, Fraser maintains that the actions of his friends and acquaintances have helped him to “keep a lid on the prospect of the mighty Bombers knocking off the reigning Premiers on their own dungheap”.

Fraser said, “How many days has it been? 5,479? Haha, classic. But seriously, this is a good thing. Without that growing tally, how could I possibly remember the years of suffering, false hope, year-long bans, recruitment of Scott Camporeale, unprecedented doping regime, AFL conspiracies, and Michael Hartley wearing a short-sleeved jumper OVER his long-sleeved jumper. So, all these memes are actually a good thing. I need them in my life right now.”