A local parent has controversially decided to start invoking the threat of Santa when their children misbehave, despite Christmas still being over two months away. Christine Hughes delivered the first Santa threat of the season last night during bath time, after a long day of mediating disputes between her two kids.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Hughes said, “Yeah, I know, I’ve gone a bit early, but it’s the strongest club that I have in my bag, so it seems a shame to only use it for one month or so. They’re out of control most of the time, and the threat of a Santa boycott is one of the few things that will bring them into line.”

Despite her confidence in using the threat so early, Hughes has acknowledged the risk of overdoing it in the next few weeks. She said, “I just have to use it sparingly until mid-November, I reckon. If I go too hard too early, the whole thing will just blow up in my face. Time is such an abstract thing for these little devils, so I need to wait until peak Christmas season before I start pretending to call Santa on my phone and that kind of stuff.”