A footy media clown has said something controversial again in a desperate clutch for relevance. Kane Cornes seems to have returned to his tried-and-tested routine of saying something wildly controversial about a certain AFL “issue” out of an overwhelming fear that he’ll disappear into the background of an increasingly crowded football media scene.

An entrenched member of the fun police, Cornes often gets on his soap box to decry the seemingly harmless pastimes of dressing up for a party and has now attacked enjoying some leisure time with your mates while on holidays. Cornes also had a bizarre spat with NBA star, and occasional Diamond Valley basketball fill-in, Ben Simmons – yet again showing an innate feel for simultaneously grabbing a headline and highlighting just how out of touch Cornes is with society.

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, one industry insider claimed Cornes’ behaviour was symptomatic of a man desperately attempting to not be swept away with all the other retired players that have launched media careers. Our anonymous source said, “Yeah mate, the little fella just wants to be heard. Most of the retired players that forge a career in the media were big-name stars and/or have an endearing personality. Good looks help, and some even provide valuable insight into the game.

“Sadly for Kane, he doesn’t tick any of those four boxes, so he has to rely on playing devil’s advocate and then just scrapping away from there. I’m not sure how sustainable that game plan will be in the long-term. The one thing on his side is that he’s pretty much spent his whole life trying to emerge from the shadow of his dad and his older brother, so at least he has experience in trying desperately to be heard.”