A local man has reportedly just paid a mate $8 for a plastic cup of mid-strength beer in a desperate attempt to enjoy the full match day experience during tonight’s clash between Richmond and Collingwood. Pete Kendall made the unusual transaction just minutes ago after arriving at his mate Johnno’s place to watch the first AFL match since March this year.

Attempting to justify his fiscally irresponsible behaviour, Kendall said, “Mate, it’s all part of the experience. If I was drinking out of a stubby or a can it wouldn’t feel the same. I’d know I was not at the game. Whereas, if I feel like I’m being ripped off, and then I feel that harsh first sip of mid-strength hit my lips via a plastic vessel, I’m immediately transported into the stands at an AFL match. It’s like magic. Bloody brilliant, mate. Carn the Pies!”

Kendall claimed he was so committed to his unusual approach that he was even considering paying upwards of $15 for a neat little pie and chips combo at half time of tonight’s game, despite assurances from his host that the food was taken care of. Kendall said, “I wouldn’t rule it out, mate. If I wasn’t so worried about the recession I definitely would, so if Johnno puts on a decent spread I might just accept that. But let’s just see how half-pissed these middies can get me before I start making any big decisions. At the very least, after the game, I’ll stand outside in the cold for a bit before walking home, just so I can replicate waiting at Jolimont for the next Hurstbridge train.”