A hungry group of local residents plan to petition for Watsonia to get its very own McDonald’s family restaurant, right here in the heart of our CBD. The group are currently meeting once a fortnight to coordinate their efforts, and say they are close to launching a targeted awareness campaign to recruit fellow fast food lovers.

In yet another The Watsonia Bugle exclusive, a spokesperson from the group has strategically leaked key information about the campaign, promising us free chicken nuggets if we publish the details from this interview. The spokesperson said, “When you think about it, Watsonia is flush for takeaway options, but getting a Maccas right here in our hometown would be the final piece of the puzzle. You want fries with that? Bloody oath I do mate, Maccas me up!”

While initial community support for the campaign seemed muted, the spokesperson claimed they would get enough signatures to take to McDonald’s head office and state their case. They said, “Don’t worry, I’ve done some early canvassing, and I’m confident we have the numbers. Sure, you can drive to Greensy to get your Maccas fix, but how much easier would it be to just have a store right here in Watsonia? And besides, the drive thru at Greensy is a nightmare.”

Traditionally, proposals to open new McDonald’s outlets have been met with stiff opposition, with concerns over increased litter, a new platform for late night hooliganism, higher instances of local obesity, and elevated crime levels due to the arrival in town of the Hamburglar. But the spokesperson from the pro-Maccas camp insists that those concerns are overrated. He said, “Nah mate, none of that overrides the sweet sweet synergy of having a McDonald’s within walking distance of your house. Imagine stumbling off the train at night and seeing those blessed Golden Arches as you ascend the train station ramp and head towards Watsy Road? It beats grabbing a pack of Burger Rings from the BP, that’s for sure.”