A new medical clinic designed to exclusively cater for anti-vaxxers is being planned to open on Watsonia Road, with hopes it will be in operation before the end of this year. The clinic, which is essentially just an old-fashioned Internet café, will allow patients to bypass treatment from an actual qualified medical doctor, and instead just peruse online for health advice.

A spokesperson behind the new initiative said, “We’re just trying to accommodate this emerging trend in modern healthcare, and our research suggests this will be a real winner. Sure, most people have access to the Internet from their homes, but anecdotal evidence suggests that people still like the comfort of going to a central venue for all their medical needs.”

But this won’t just be the usual Internet café that was frequented by backpackers in the 90s and early-2000s – you know, the kind of place that costs about $5 per minute for a sketchy connection and a keyboard that doesn’t have a functioning ‘m’ key. The spokesperson said, “We’ll do our best to recreate the previously-trusted medical centre vibe. I’m talking staff in lab coats, a fish tank in the corner, and that odd sterile smell emanating from every room.”