A gaping chasm has opened up between motorists and pedestrians in Watsonia following the installation of a new crossing on the main street – directly opposite the charcoal chicken shop and right next to an already cluttered six-prong roundabout. While the crossing has drawn scathing criticism from motorists, it has received glowing praise from pedestrians.  

The Watsonia Bugle took to Watsonia Road yesterday to talk to local residents about the new crossing, and to get a feel for the general community sentiment. It soon became very clear that the installation has drawn a deep wedge between those who travel on wheels and those who travel on foot. 

Those travelling in cars or on bikes feel the new crossing is just adding to an already congested road, and that the proximity of the crossing to the busy roundabout further confuses drivers and is not safe. According to Bruce, “it’s ridiculous! Why squash it right next to a roundabout? There’s a proper crossing about 50 metres up the road. Surely pedestrians can just wander up a bit further and cross there where it is much safer.” 

Yet pedestrians are extremely happy with the new passage across our main street, claiming that it gives them more options and makes them feel safer. Mavis said, “I don’t drive much these days, so I get around on foot quite a bit. I never felt safe at the old version of this crossing, but now that the Zebra is there it saves me from traipsing up to the lights.” 

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