A Montmorency woman has reacted angrily to a Greensborough Plaza snub that she describes as “manifestly inadequate, and disrespectful to the entire population of Montmorency”. The so-called snub has occurred in the mural currently being displayed on the bottom level of Greensborough Plaza, best seen as you descend the escalators, which depicts the surrounding area, and celebrates the region we live in.

However, despite including such far-flung places as Bundoora and Diamond Creek in the mural, Montmorency is notably absent, causing proud Monty resident Lucinda Grant to post a lively rant on Facebook, garnering widespread support and encouragement from her friends and family. When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, Grant still seemed quite agitated by the omission, saying “it’s an absolute disgrace. To include places like Bundy and Diamo but leave out Monty, what were they thinking? I mean they’ve even got Briar Hill in there and that’s not even a suburb. And don’t get me started on them listing Latrobe. That’s not a suburb either, and its closer to Northland anyway!” 

When asked why she thought the mural didn’t include Montmorency, Grant said, “I bet it’s just because they’re jealous of the nice little Main Street vibe that we’ve got going on. Money can’t buy the community feel that we have in Monty, so maybe they’ve realised that, and are just snubbing us in protest. Jerks.”