A Watsonia man has only just heard of the closure of the infamous Swanston Street McDonalds to make way for the new Metro tunnel, and is angry that a more public announcement wasn’t made, as he would’ve liked to formally farewell the memory-filled restaurant. So aggrieved by the seemingly silent closure of the iconic Melbourne venue, the man contacted The Watsonia Bugle yesterday to share his sadness. 

He said, “I’ve grown up with that place in my life, from my first trips into the city as a child, to big nights on the turps with me mates, that Maccas has always been there for me. And then I find out it’s closed via some poorly written click bait article posted on Facebook by KIIS FM. It’s just devastating to be honest.”

While the now 37-year-old man admitted that he hadn’t frequented the popular McDonalds as much in recent years due to family commitments, he said he would’ve loved to have had just one more visit to the venue before it closed forever. He said, “I just wish I had the chance to say goodbye properly you know. A big night out with a few mates, drop in for a quick feed, and then jump on a late night Hurstbridge train making friends with complete strangers.”