A Safeway trolley has been spotted a very long way from home, leading to a variety of questions including how it got there, why it got there, is its family missing it, and will it ever go home. And before you ask, yes we still call it “Safeway”.

The trolley is currently parked at the junction of Cameron Parade and Macorna Street in the sunny alcove of Watsonia North. We first spotted it this morning and thought to ourselves, “Oh little fella, you’re a long way from home. Have you done yourself a bit of a mischief?”

Since that initial question, many more have been asked in the office of The Watsonia Bugle. Has Greensborough’s favourite Uber driver re-started his operation? Has it journeyed from Greensborough Safeway or Bundoora Safeway? Is it just parked temporarily, or has it been abandoned? Was it actually used for the transportation of goods purchased in a supermarket?

Do you have any knowledge of this curiously lost trolley? Let us know.