A new boyfriend has lost the trust and respect of his potential in-laws with an unpopular request to check the progress of the Sydney to Hobart during a cricket-watching marathon at a family BBQ today. The man, Cameron Fraser has only been dating Cara Hughes for about six months and is still in his probation period, meaning today’s error of judgement could cost him his relationship with a woman who he’s already told he loves.

Fraser had earlier caused a minor scene when he arrived having made “the trek” from Elwood to visit the Hughes family in Watsonia. He walked in the door dressed in a new pastel polo shirt, boat shoes, and a seemingly fashionable sweater draped over his shoulders with the arms tied in a loose and whimsical knot. When he walked into the lounge room where a group of Cara’s relatives were sitting watching the cricket, he clapped his hands together, rubbed his palms and said loudly, “Oh what a great day of sport, I can’t wait to see the big fellas go out past the heads”. The comment prompted odd looks from all in the room, with some thinking he meant the Aussie fast bowlers sending down a few bouncers at the Poms.

According to Cara’s father Ted, he’s just not sure whether Fraser is the right kind of boy for his daughter. He told The Watsonia Bugle, “Cameron’s a bit different but Cara obviously sees something in him. But when he asks us to flick over from the cricket to watch rich wankers steer expensive boats around Sydney Harbour he’s overstepped the mark. I mean c’mon, Warner was in the 90s. I’ll have to talk to Cara about this during the week.”