Local cricketers from the Diamond Valley Cricket Association are today bracing for the heat to dictate whether they step on to the field in extreme conditions, or kick back with a cold can in the club rooms thanks to the heat rule which dictates that play must cease when the mercury rises above 38 degrees. Eltham South fast bowler Luke Burgin said it is a tough morning mentally, admitting to The Watsonia Bugle, “The period between 8.00am and 10.00am is the toughest, no doubt.

“I mean what do I prepare for? Fifteen hours on the green generals or five hours out in the field? Both require significant mental toughness and the reality is that both can end in tears if you enter unprepared.”

Burgin also said, “I’ve seen it before, particularly the married blokes with kids that don’t get out too often, it can get large on them real quick once we get called off. But how good is this sport though? Can you name another sport where you celebrate the most when you don’t have to play it?” Burgin laughed heartily at that remark. Then he said, “Without the heat rule I’m not sure I’d play at all to be honest”.