A computer programmer has been caught out on social media after using a personal Facebook post to gloat about the fact he always programs self checkouts to spit out change in the lowest possible denomination. Dan Collins works for an IT company that contracts to a large supermarket chain and performs various work at their stores, including programming the change giving function.

Collins has been so involved with the implementation of self checkouts across Melbourne supermarkets that he once met the girl who voiced the infamous line: “unexpected item in the bagging area”. But his boastful Facebook post last week has put his short-term career in jeopardy, after stinging backlash from customers who are seemingly fed up with receiving 80 cents change in five-cent pieces.

The offending post read “In moments of personal sadness I comfort myself in the knowledge that some sucker out their [sic] has just received $8 change in a heavy mixture of $1 coins and 50c pieces. LOL, I came up with that idea!” Collins finished the post with the emoticon that features a raised middle finger in an otherwise closed fist.

Outraged friends of Collins took to their keyboards with a frightening relish, calling him names, asking him to change the programming, questioning his parentage, and threatening to abduct his pet dog. Some also shared the post, which garnered widespread attention, and led to the supermarket chain in question releasing a statement and reviewing their current arrangement with Collins’s IT company.

Collins has been placed on indefinite leave by his employer, and they said they were counselling him and considering their options.