As part of a covert private investigation, an office worker’s voice has been measured at a full three octaves lower than its normal range during a recent conversation with a tradie. Chris Benson, an accomplished marketer at a large advertising firm in the city, met his carpenter early in the morning to discuss a renovation of his lounge room.

During the relatively brief discussion, Chris’s wife secretly set up an audio bug in the lounge room to record the two men’s voices. She then compared the octave reading of her husband’s voice with the reading from a discussion she had with Chris last week about the kind of cushions they should get for their new couch.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle the day after she received the results, Chris’s wife said, “I knew it all along really, but I just wanted some reliable evidence to support my theory. He tries so hard when talking with real men, I actually feel sorry for him.”

In addition to the change in the pitch of his voice, it has also been alleged that his feet stood a full 40-50cm wider than they normally do during a standing conversation. While this disparity went unmeasured, the spread of his stance was noticeably different to his normal standing position.