BREAKING: A local man working at a small financial planning office in Lower Plenty has completely blacked out this morning during a lively debrief on last night’s final episode of Married at First Sight. As staff gathered around the water cooler at approximately 10.00am to compare notes on the heated finale, Brett Oliver reportedly lost consciousness in what appeared to be the result of an apathetic coma.

Oliver, who’d never seen a minute of the show, but caught snippets from his social media newsfeeds, lost interest early and then fell to the ground. One of his colleagues, Peta Wallis, spoke to The Watsonia Bugle about the ordeal saying, “He was with us in the beginning, but then his eyes just glazed over, he stared off into the distance, and then after about a minute or two he fell to the ground and totally blacked out.”

While the fall shocked some onlookers, Wallis claims it ruined a good debrief. She said, “I’m glad Brett’s okay and that, but we were just starting to get into the nitty gritty of it all so I’m a bit devo that he kind of ruined that for us.”