A casual soccer observer is currently preparing how he’ll discuss last night’s game between Australia and France at brunch this morning with friends. Devon O’Connor is due to meet his friends at a trendy inner north cafe at 10.30am and knows that the Socceroos’s opening game of the World Cup will inevitably come up in conversation.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle this morning as he finalises his notes, O’Connor said, “I’m kind of known as the ‘sports guy’ in this group so they’ll be relying on me for my take on proceedings. Most of them are too high brow to regularly indulge in sports, but allow themselves a concession for international soccer cos it’s the world game or something.

“But truth be told, I know bugger all about the game. Currently I’m trying to decide which angle to take. Do I focus on the appalling diving by the Frenchies, or do go with the whole ‘admirable loss’ kind of story? I really don’t know what to do.”