Watsonia man, Rick Murphy, threw caution to the wind yesterday by washing his car despite the imminent forecast of rain in the afternoon. As Murphy grabbed his keys and left the house to go to the local car wash, his wife yelled out, “Oh darling, it’s supposed to rain this afternoon!” To which he calmly replied, “Yeah I know, but she’ll be right!”

Murphy was well aware of the day’s forecast, having closely studied it since earlier in the week. But he didn’t care about the chance of heavy drizzle expected later in the afternoon because he’s a straight up modern-day renegade.

Murphy got to the car wash, washed his car, drove home, and then sat in his lounge room watching the afternoon drizzle fall over his freshly washed car. But he didn’t really care, and never even told anyone about his seemingly terrible stroke of luck. You know why? That’s right, because he’s a straight up modern-day renegade.