The mainstream media’s odd obsession with Aldi management job ads continued today as an article about the job conditions and pay for the supermarket chain’s area managers sat high on multiple news websites. Exactly what the obsession is remains unclear, with industry experts hoping that Aldi are paying some kind of fee to receive such prominent and regular exposure.

While a salary of $100,000 to $155,000 doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for a role that is responsible for three to five stores, certain media outlets find it very difficult not to get terribly excited every time such a role comes up. The Herald Sun got so excited today that they plucked the role of tax lawyer out of nowhere as a way of comparing the kind of salary you can earn as an Aldi area manager.

Local media analyst Graeme Sampson said, “It’s an odd one, it really is. A while ago they went crazy about the graduate program that Aldi run. Other businesses pay good money for this kind of exposure masquerading as ‘news’. So one can only assume that Aldi are paying for this stuff. There’s no other explanation for why the Herald Sun doesn’t just turn into and start broadcasting the salaries and conditions of every job ad that pops up.”