A local man was reportedly too confronted by a current image of himself to participate in the #10yearchallenge currently sweeping across multiple social media platforms. The viral sensation encourages people to post a current image of themselves alongside a self-portrait from 10 years ago.

While social media users across the globe scramble for the most flattering image of themselves circa 2009, Ben Wallace revealed to friends last night that there was no way he would be providing such a graphic illustration of his personal ageing process over the last decade. Sharing a quiet meal with friends at a local restaurant, Wallace was overheard saying, “Way too much has happened to me in the last decade. Back in ‘09 I was still in my 20s, no kids, no mortgage, was playing sports, had a functioning metabolism, and a full head of hair. There’s no way I’m pitting 2019 me up against that dude. Not in a million years.”

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle this morning to discuss his concerns, Wallace remained resolute in his reluctance to take part in the social media phenomenon. He said, “Absolutely not. Mate, I had a sneaky look the other night to see how the two eras stacked up, and it wasn’t pretty. I’m not good enough at Photoshop or applying Instagram filters to get involved in this. In my current state, I’m in better shape to take part in Neknominate than the bloody 10-Year Challenge!”