A local man has admitted that he finds it too difficult to attend a golf driving range without attempting at least one galloping “Happy Gilmore” shot. Steve McMaster conceded the gross character flaw during a recent trip to a local range where his errant attempt at the popular but challenging stroke sprayed off the tee and smashed into a wooden board at the side of his bay.

Management at the range heard the large bang and confronted McMaster about it, before he offered a heartfelt apology and told them of his chronic condition. While staff at the range were relatively respectful of McMaster’s admission, they were later heard saying they’d “seen it all before, everyone thinks they’re Happy bloody Gilmore”.

McMaster reflected on the incident this morning while speaking to The Watsonia Bugle. He said, “I just love that movie so much, man. Haha, what a classic. No trip to the range is complete without a big run up and swing. At least once, you know. But now that I’ve been caught out, maybe those days are behind me. Either that or I find a new range to go to.”