An old quote from comedian Denise Scott has accidentally shone light on an ancient Watsonian tradition, leaving local residents to speculate on the reasons behind the demise of the once proud annual crowning of a “Miss Watsonia”. The quote featured in an article published two years ago to promote the Comedy Festival on 2017, with Scott mentioning her previous title as “Miss Watsonia”.

The article, sent to us by a particularly eagle-eyed Bugle reader, covers a Comedy Festival photoshoot in which Scott was required to dress in regal garb. Asked about the experience of dressing up for the photos, Scott said, “I haven’t felt this important since I was crowned Miss Watsonia in 1964”.

Mystery surrounds the circumstances behind the coronation of a “Miss Watsonia”, with little known about how, when and why this title was bestowed on local residents. Considering that Scott was born in 1955, her winning the title in 1964 suggests that “Miss Watsonia” may have been a beauty pageant for young children.

However, due to the lack of available information, the validity of Scott’s claim has been questioned by some, with a handful of local residents accusing us of making a mountain out of a throw-away comment mole hill. One resident said, “Youse are always just making shit up, so how would we even know if this was ever a thing? Just ‘cos Scotty said it once as a throw-away line doesn’t mean it’s anything, mate.”

Speaking of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, we’ve promised to give a shout out to self-proclaimed “Watsy boy done good” Luke Morris who has his very own show in this year’s festival. Entitled “Love, Sweat and Science”, Luke’s show runs from Wednesday 27 March to Saturday 6 April. You can find out more here.