Following news overnight of a controversial Mankad in the Indian Premier League, at least one local cricketer has been forced to reflect on his own use of the murky method of dismissal. Nathan Purdue plays cricket in a local competition each summer and, despite a relatively distinguished career, will always be defined by the time he “Mankaded” an opposition batsman three years ago.

While Purdue has always maintained that his unpopular actions were well within the rules of the game, it didn’t stop him from staring out the train window for longer than usual this morning as he made his way into the city for work. You see, despite keeping a brave face whenever asked about his infamous incident, privately Purdue often contemplates whether his life would’ve been different if he didn’t absolutely dog that opposition batsman on that fateful day.

In a rare moment of frankness and honesty, Purdue told The Watsonia Bugle, “I always tell everyone that what I did that day was well within the rules of the game. And it was. You can look that up in the rule book. But it’s become a mark on my otherwise good character, and it gets brought up regularly, even by people I don’t even play cricket with. Ashwin has now joined me in the Mankad club, and he has to live with that. Hopefully he’s got broad shoulders.”