Despite detailed research into the issue, data experts insist that they can’t explain why people’s phones go a bit dead when travelling on a train about half way between Watsonia and Macleod stations. The issue has perplexed and frustrated enthusiastic smartphone users for almost a decade now. Initially believed to be confined to just Optus customers, the regular loss of service is now believed to be more widespread, with users from multiple networks reporting problems.

The lead researcher behind the investigation, Professor Daniel Owen, said that he shares the frustrations being felt by regular commuters. Professor Owen said, “We investigated the issue for three months and that was annoying enough, so I can only imagine how angry customers must be after years of not being able to refresh their feed on Insta and Facebook. I’m embarrassed to not be able to explain the cause of the issue, but we will continue to look into it. Personally, I won’t rest until it is fixed.”

While the failure of actual scientific research into the problem was expected to anger local commuters, most just seemed happy that something was being done. Watsonia woman Fiona Hamilton said, “I’ve kind of just become used to it over the years, so it’s nice to know that they’re at least looking into it. As soon as I board the train at Watsy, I always make sure that I’ve refreshed all my social feeds, just in case I get stuck in that dead zone.”