A local Bugle follower has admitted to liking a Facebook post from The Watsonia Bugle but not actually reading the article it was linked to. Christine Fallon made the stark admission over the weekend when a fellow Bugle follower quizzed her about some of the finer points about the well-composed and heavily-researched article.

Realising she was too far gone to continue bluffing her way through, Fallon just said, “Alright, I admit it, I didn’t actually read the thing. I just saw the headline, the caption, and the pic and thought to myself, ‘oh, that’s a bit funny, I’ll give it a like’, and then I just kept scrolling down my newsfeed.” Fallon’s friend, who requested strict anonymity, then contacted the Bugle to share her concern over this troubling pattern of behaviour.

However, one of the over-worked and under-paid minions that works at the Bugle, specifically the one in charge of monitoring the readership statistics and social media engagement, suggested that Fallon’s behaviour was not entirely uncommon. He said, “It happens a fair bit, to be honest. The likes on a post occasionally surpass the actual link visits which is a bit disheartening for our writers. I mean, I haven’t really got anything else to say because I know this quote won’t be used until the third paragraph of the article, and if only a fraction of our readers actually click on the articles, I reckon a fraction of that fraction would ever make it to the bottom of a story.”