An Eltham man, Ken Lennon, has arrived to work almost 30 minutes late this morning, explaining to his boss that “There was a bit of a police incident on Lower Plenty Road” that caused some traffic congestion. While Lennon’s boss was sceptical, he took him on his word and even engaged in some idle chit chat about worsening traffic conditions in Melbourne. 

However, Lennon co-workers probed a little further about the supposed hold up in traffic, grilling him about the exact nature of the “police incident”. After approximately five minutes of gentle ribbing, Lennon eventually blurted out, “Alright alright, it was just some bloke pulled over on the side of the road for a speeding ticket. It slowed the passing traffic a little bit, but probably only cost me one minute in total. I was already running late and was just looking for an easy excuse!”

One of the co-workers later said, “It was just so typical of Kenny. He’s always making up bullshit excuses, but I was surprised how easily he cracked. He’s getting soft in his old age!”