A local bookworm has spectacularly declared open slather on book borrowing after a local library chain announced they have abolished all late fees. Sandra Ploenges made the bold declaration over the weekend, telling friends the move could “revolutionise library borrowing in this country”.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about her declaration, Ploenges said, “This is quite remarkable really, an amazing development within the local reading community. I’ve always referred to the library as giving our free books, but now they really are. I can literally and figuratively furnish my house with books and never give them back. It’s incredible.”

Meanwhile, one particularly recalcitrant library member is more interested in whether the removal of fees will be retrospective. Watsonia man Roger Tallow said, “Does this mean they’ll clear all debts from the past? I haven’t been inside that place for over 15 years because I was too ashamed of all my late fees. If they can promise me complete immunity I might come back. And I might even bring back a few of the books I still have from all those years ago.”